Thursday, April 10, 2008

Export Google Presentations to PowerPoint

Google Presentations (or Presently) finally added a feature that prevented most people from using it: exporting the presentations to a format that could be imported in Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Now you can save your presentations as PPT and open them in your favorite desktop applications when you're offline or send them to other people. You can still export the presentations as PDF, a great format for printing.

Here's the list of formats supported by the three Google Docs applications:

Writely (documents)Trix (spreadsheets)Presently (presentations)
Microsoft Office formatsimport, exportimport, exportimport, export
OpenDocumentimport, exportimport, export---
RTFimport, export------
HTMLimport, exportexport---
TXTimport, exportimport, exportexport

Some other features that should be available soon in Presently: inserting tables, adding YouTube videos and viewing presentations offline.