Sunday, November 18, 2007

Five New iGoogle Themes

Here are some new iGoogle themes that will probably added soon to the customization dialog (the descriptions are from Google). To add one of these themes to the active tab, go to iGoogle and type in the address bar the JavaScript code you'll find below. Then click on "Save" in "Select a Theme For This Tab", without selecting any theme. The first theme (Solar System) changes daily, while the rest of them change depending on the time of the day.

Solar System: For those of you who like to space out, this theme will help you do so. Enjoy a different scene from our solar system on your iGoogle homepage, each day of the week.

Go to iGoogle and type in the address bar: javascript:_dlsetp('preview_skin=skins/planets.xml');

Autumn: The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. It's fall, and the raccoons are enjoying every bit of it. Follow them through the day as they tackle the onslaught of leaves and prepare for a barbecue feast.

Go to iGoogle and type in the address bar: javascript:_dlsetp('preview_skin=skins/autumn.xml');

Hong Kong: It's the Hong Kong skyline in soft beautiful colors. Add this lively cosmopolitan city to your homepage and watch as the day goes by.

Go to iGoogle and type in the address bar: javascript:_dlsetp('preview_skin=skins/hongkong.xml');

J. R.: Introducing J.R., the friendly giant monster who makes his home on your iGoogle homepage. Follow him throughout the day as he keeps himself busy going about his daily chores and hanging out with his friends.

Go to iGoogle and type in the address bar: javascript:_dlsetp('preview_skin=skins/jr.xml');

Aja Tiger: From the cave looking out, follow the Aja Tiger through the day and the seasons. This Korean theme is a fun and friendly one for your iGoogle homepage.

Go to iGoogle and type in the address bar: javascript:_dlsetp('preview_skin=skins/tiger.xml');

{ via Blogoscoped Forum }

Update: the new themes should be available directly from iGoogle.